Concept Archive

You know those days you have an idea and think, man I wish I had (fill in the blank) as a client? Well, rather letting those ideas die, I’ve been producing a rough archive. Then I post them via Twitter and Facebook with that company tagged. Sometimes they delete them. Sometimes they “Like” them. These are a few.


National TV

Scientists are smart, but sometimes too smart. With our target being mothers, we invited a mom into our commercial to help decipher the scientific jargon as a parody on the current market. Shot in L.A. with David Gray of Station Films.

2013 Clio Winner.


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Free to Breathe

Print Campaign

After recently undergoing a rebrand, Free to Breathe needed a way to reintroduce their event series and their brand to the world. The challenge was tapping into the emotional piece while communicating their wide array of events, from walkathons to yogathons.

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LSB Tour

HTML 5 Interactive Landing Page

An HTML 5 experience that takes you through the Lindsay, Stone & Briggs’ offices and capabilities.

2013 How Interactive Winner


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Milio’s Sandwiches

25th Anniversary Promotion

25 years of loyalty, why not give a little back.

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

Sometimes creativity is more than a print ad or that really big idea. The creative realm is vast and many times it’s the thinking that equates the creativity. With LSB’s new website, the interactive team and I took on the project knowing we wanted to create something flexible, modular, and easily manageable. Responsive design was the easy choice moving forward with the project. But of course, like any good creative team, we questioned a lot of the current responsive design we were seeing out there. The biggest problem we were seeing was the lack of control the website had as users resized their browsers. Without setting parameters and what we’re calling “snap points,” you begin to lose control of the design, and it allows for alignment and overlap issues with content. Our solution was a four column grid. At a certain pixel width columns fall off or organize from top to bottom accommodating for all browsing devices, desktop, tablets, phones ect. In the past, lots of devices meant lots of website variations. Now, lots of devices just means a flexible website.  

Brandworks University

Online Video
Brandworks University is an annual marketing conference attracting some of the biggest brands in the market. Year after year it brings top speakers in from around the world and examines every possible angle of the selected marketing topic. The 2013 topic is how to manage the onslaught of data marketers face everyday. Because we all know how overwhelming and boring sifting through data can be. But it’s not useful if not put to the test. (It wasn’t my idea to cast myself for the video. A certain someone decided they wanted to see me take some punishment from a 5 gallon bucket).