Roth Cheese

Landing Page & Web Video

An interactive experience using HTML 5, live play and parallax taking users through the history of the Grand Cru cheese and the various recipe and paring options.

Concept Archive

You know those days you have an idea and think, man I wish I had (fill in the blank) as a client? Well, rather letting those ideas die, I’ve been producing a rough archive. Then I post them via Twitter and Facebook with that company tagged. Sometimes they delete them. Sometimes they “Like” them. These are a few.


National TV

Scientists are smart, but sometimes too smart. With our target being mothers, we invited a mom into our commercial to help decipher the scientific jargon as a parody on the current market. Shot in L.A. with David Gray of Station Films.

2013 Clio Winner.


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Free to Breathe

Print Campaign

After recently undergoing a rebrand, Free to Breathe needed a way to reintroduce their event series and their brand to the world. The challenge was tapping into the emotional piece while communicating their wide array of events, from walkathons to yogathons.

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LSB Tour

HTML 5 Interactive Landing Page

An HTML 5 experience that takes you through the Lindsay, Stone & Briggs’ offices and capabilities.

2013 How Interactive Winner


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Milio’s Sandwiches

25th Anniversary Promotion

25 years of loyalty, why not give a little back.